How to Perfect the French Kiss

A lot of people want to perfect the French kiss technique. And while French kissing isn’t complicated, it does require a bit of finesse if you want to leave an impression on your man. Beyond a simple peck on the lips, the French kiss symbolizes that passionate deep kiss that takes any relationship to the next level.

The French kiss is a deeply erotic gesture that stimulates every single cell in your body and primes it for the ultimate act of lovemaking. So how can you perfect your French kissing technique and be a better kisser? Believe it or not, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned French kisser, there’s always room for improvement and for learning new tricks.

7 Steps to Master the French Kiss

woman learning the secret technique that will drive her man wild with french kisses and kissing magic
  1. Clean breath. This is a no brainer. Your mouth should always be ready for the French kiss since let’s face it, it’ll involve a lot of tongue action. This requires that your breath is fresh and clean but most importantly that your tongue is clean. Make sure you always brush the back of the tongue to scrape off any bacteria that may cause bad breath. You should also carry some breath mints if you don’t have a chance to brush your teeth before kissing your man. And of course, lay off the odor-causing foods like garlic and onions.
  2. Gaze into his eyes. Sustained eye contact is very sexy and can communicate your desires to your man. You can also let him know by your “bedroom eyes” that you are ready for the kiss.
  3. Look at his lips. Looking at something gives a signal that we’re interested in it. By looking at his lips and then into his eyes, you’re saying that you want him and that you want to be kissed.
  4. First Contact. When your lips finally do meet, you’ll want to go in slowly and not rush. Brush your lips softly and gently against his lips. Brush your lips against his cheek and chin and back to his lips. You’ll want to do this to create sexual tension.
  5. Love Bites. Use your teeth to nibble and bite his lips. Of course, do not use a lot of pressure since you don’t want to hurt him. Be playful and coy as you feel around his lips.
  6. Tongue Tied. Use your tongue to playfully explore his lips and inside his mouth. Take his lead. Embrace your tongues and if the kiss turns passionate, you may want to suck on his tongue or let him suck on yours.
  7. Use your hands. Your hands can embrace him or caress as you’re kissing. Wrap your arms around him and use your hands to touch his face, hair, or to simply press him closer to you.

Being a great French kisser takes practice and technique. But luckily, this is something that is pleasurable and enjoyable to do. So I know you’ll enjoy kissing your man to get better at what the French call un baiser amoureux, or a lover’s kiss.

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