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I’m Nervous About Our First Kiss

Feeling nervous about your first kiss is very normal. A first kiss is filled with the anticipation that has been building up since you both realized you were into each other. That sexual tension that is electrical and runs through your body just tells your lips to press against his.

You know he’s feeling the same thing, so why would you feel nervous about your first kiss? Well, I hope it helps you to know that feeling antsy before that big moment when your lips meet is part of the delicious exhilaration before the big culminating act.

Feeling Jittery Before the First Kiss

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You may get a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach. All these thoughts and feelings of insecurity may overwhelm you. Your mouth may feel dry. Your palms are sweaty. Your heart is racing a mile a minute. You wonder if he even likes you.

Should you make the first move? Will he kiss you back. You won’t know if he’s a good kisser until you actually kiss. And what if he doesn’t like the way you kiss him? All these scenarios may run through your mind, but the truth is that he’s also thinking these things.

So before your first kiss, try to relax and enjoy the moment. Gaze into his eyes and melt in his arms. Let the moment roll over your lips as they lock with his and draw him closer in your embrace.

woman puckering her lips because a first kiss should not make you feel nervous

There’s nothing like the first kiss and really, there’s nothing to feel nervous about. Your first kiss should not be awkward or forced. Just go with the flow and let his body language guide you. Your feelings won’t steer you wrong. And remember that the more you kiss, the better you’ll get at it! So pucker up and smooch away. You got this!

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