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Kissing Basics for a Great Kissing Experience

There’s really not so much that can be done to mess up a kiss between two people who are really attracted to each other and cannot wait to lock lips in a passionate embrace. Having said this, there are certain kissing basics that will ensure that you and your man have a great kissing experience.

5 Tips for an Amazing Kissing Experience

  1. Have Good Hygiene. It goes without saying that practicing good dental and mouth hygiene is the first step to having an amazing kissing experience. Make sure you brush your teeth and floss but to ensure you have clean and refreshing breath, make sure you brush your tongue. After all, the tongue will be the star of the passionate kiss so your tongue must be squeaky clean.
  2. Mind the Pressure. When you kiss, you want to be all in and you may forget that if you put too much force into the kiss, it may not be pleasurable. Apply slight force as you press your lips to his but don’t press so hard it becomes uncomfortable for both of you.
  3. Be a Tease. Be coy and pull away slightly as he comes in to kiss you. Go back in and kiss him while running your tongue through his lips. Make it like a game. You’ll make the kiss last longer and you’ll build sexual tension.
  4. Taste the Tongue. Just as putting too much pressure is not sexy, using too much tongue from the start is a turn-off. Make sure you use your tongue lightly and use it to kiss him. Think of your tongue as an extension of your lips. Caress his lips with your tongue and meet his lips in a delicious tongue embrace.
  5. Kiss with Confidence. Above all, have confidence. Remember that he’s as much into you as you’re into him, so be confident that the kissing experience will be pleasurable for both of you. Confidence is really sexy and if you’re timid and unsure of yourself, it will come through and the kiss will come off as bland and insipid. And no one wants to feel they’re kissing a wet towel.

Essential Kissing Basics to Ensure Your Experience is Awesome

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The five tips given above are just some of the basics for a great kissing experience. There’s so much more to kissing than just the suggestions mentioned. Remember though, that kissing is almost instinctual and you really can’t mess up a kiss.

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