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Should I Make the First Move and Kiss Him?

Many women wonder if they should be the one to make the first move and kiss him? Should they just go for it and kiss him passionately to let him know that she really is into him and wants him. Perhaps he’s shy and needs a little encouragement.

If you ask around if the woman should make the first move, most people will probably say yes. However, IF you want to make this kiss count and be the beginning of something wonderful, you probably should NOT kiss him first. Let him kiss you instead.

Here’s why you should probably let him initiate that kiss. Men have fragile egos. And by initiating the kiss you may just bruise his ego a little bit. Remember, you want to keep this man and make him fall in love with you so conventional wisdom and even many men who say that it’s okay for the lady to kiss they guy first aren’t really thinking long-term commitment. They’re thinking easy peasy fast times or hook-ups.

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5 Ways to Let Him Make the First Move and Kiss You

There are ways you can seduce him to make him kiss you.

  1. Gaze into his eyes and then down at his lips.
  2. Part your mouth open as you look into his eyes.
  3. Lean in a bit with your face turned as if to kiss.
  4. Sit close to him and whisper in his ear and rub your cheeck against his.
  5. You can tease him with phrases like, “I wonder how your lips will feel on my lips.”

Making the first move and kissing a man you really like is not recommended if you want him to feel that he is in charge and that he is pursuing you. Remember that men, at their most primitive level, have not left that caveman stage. They’re still the hunters and they like the chase.

Be coy and available for the smooch but make sure he initiates it. Let that first kiss be the start of a wonderful romance!

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