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What Does a Kiss on the Neck Mean?

If you’ve ever wondered about the significance of different types of kisses, you’re not alone. Each type of kiss carries with it a different intent, a different emotion. So what is behind the neck kiss? Many wonder what a kiss on the neck means?

If you ask around, most people would say that the French kiss is the most erotic kiss. And while that may be true that French kissing is super sensual and erotic, there’s a kiss that is much subtler in its ability to arouse and spark the passion: the neck kiss.

We know that kissing is a highly sensual act that releases feel-good hormones between two people who are highly attracted to each other. Kissing is a precursor to lovemaking and as part of that foreplay, you and your man will kiss each other in places other than the lips.

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The neck kiss is one of those kisses that screams romance. There’s nothing platonic about kissing on the neck. If a man kisses you on the neck, he’s trying to turn you on. And he will most likely succeed!

Why are neck kisses so sensual? Well, the neck is one of our erogenous zones. This means that the neck has heightened sensitivity when it is kissed. Kissing the neck triggers sexual arousal! That’s why kissing on the neck is considered to be very intimate, more so than a kiss on the forehead or on the cheek.

Drive Your Man Crazy By Kissing Him on the Neck

If you want to send a signal to that special guy, try kissing him on the neck. Kissing him on the neck, gently biting his neck, and even breathing on his neck will be a great turn on for him. (Be careful of the dreaded hickey! You’re not in middle school anymore.)

When you kiss him on the neck, all bets are off. You can sexually disarm him and give him a clear message that you are more than friends and that you want him.

Ignite that sexual tension and drive him wild with lust with a sensual kiss on the neck.

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